Family owned and operated, we perform all levels of building and remodeling. We officially started on December 10th, 2014 but have been registered since 2010. We started out doing small "handyman" jobs, exclusively for Rocktown Realty, from painting to minor plumbing and electrical repairs, to more full-fledged turns and renovations for their rental properties. As our reputation grew, we gained more business than we could keep up with. In January 2015 we separated the Valley Maintenance Services from Rocktown Realty and brought more employees on. We are registered as a Class C Contractor and will do anything from fixing a leaking toilet to a full kitchen remodel. We will cover your indoor and outdoor maintenance needs for minor electrical & plumbing, general repairs, painting, drywall, and general handyman needs.


“We have been very pleased with VMS. Mike and his staff are attentive, skilled and easy to work with. They are quick to respond to maintenance requests and keep us informed of the status of our work orders.” ~ Massanutten Regional Library

“VMS is a locally owned business that has exceptional employees who take pride in their work!  We have used them for repairs and projects in our rental units and in our personal residence in which they have produced quality workmanship.  They are flexible enough to handle emergency calls after regular business hours and are equipped to handle a variety of jobs!” ~ Robert & Amber (Property Owners)

My wife and I have multiple rental properties in Harrisonburg.  Since we live in the Northern Virginia area, we rely on having a reliable management and maintenance personnel to assist with our properties.  We have used VMS for emergency repairs, renovation of the properties and turn-services.  They have always done a top-notch job and at a reasonable price.  Most of my experience has been with them just handling the work that needs to be done as directed by our management company, but I have had the opportunity to interact with members of their staff when I’ve been down working on my units.  They have offered to lend a hand and even borrow their tools to complete a project I was working.  We discuss how nice it would be to have a similar company to call upon to work on our primary residence. ~ Clayton (Property Owner)